What a Plant-Based Diet Can Do to Your Body

“Plants are our lifeline. They breathe out (not) Oxygen. They give us food, wood and shelter.”

Yadda yadda yadda. That’s an extract from a typical essay everyone is forced to write in high school. Turns out, it worked! Now we all know the benefits of plants by heart 😀

But how many of us know the benefits of a plant-based diet by heart?

Sadly, not many. Some haven’t a clue. But don’t worry; we won’t force you to write an essay 😛 Allow us to do the honours of breaking it down to you instead!

Still with us? Super! We are so excited to share our discoveries at Squeeze Me with You!

But firstly, we want to let you in on a secret (shhshhh). Prior to Squeeze Me, we weren’t completely aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet either. We knew it was healthy, but to what extent was a discovery we had to make on our own.

So we hopped into our little caravan off the coast of Arugambay, and set out on a plant-based adventure of our own. Our journey was such a joy that we are so grateful to have helped so many others discover it too and spread the joy around!

A plant-based diet consists of fruits, veggies, tubers, whole grains and legumes. When they come together, their colours will serve your eyes first. And at Squeeze Me, we add our own twist to it. We make sure you only have eyes for your meal 😛

Unlike animal-only protein, plants have an amazing way of keeping you healthy, fit and at peak performance. They act as a barrier against weight gain, and various other diseases associated with it. Some scientists even believe that they can help your body prevent cancer!

As soon as one month into the diet, you’ll notice laziness leaving your system. It’ll surround you with a remarkably positive outlook on life. What’s more, to know that no animal has suffered prepping your meal alone can make you feel surprisingly better about yourself! We mean, you totally deserve more than a pat on the back for not being the reason why a goose was choked to death ☹ just so you could have its liver…

After the transition, you’ll be so proud of your conscious choice that eventually, you’ll start directing the same energy to every other endeavour in your life too! And perform so much better than ever before!

To help make this ride a smooth one for you, we have a team of specialised nutritionists offering consultations too! They have helped numerous others at Squeeze Me kickstart their journey into eating more healthily. We believe they can help you too. Sounds like a plan? Get in touch!

Want to give it a test drive first? Drop by Squeeze Me! We can’t wait to show you what plant-based magic we’ve got!

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