The Café

All day real food, fresh drinks & feel good vibes!

Squeeze Me brings together backpackers, surfers, planet lovers, healthy food junkies, environmental-besties, all in a friendly, welcoming and relaxed environment.

The entire interior design is nature friendly made out of recycled furniture and of course free from any materials that are harmful to the environment. Squeeze Me gives you an all-round nature loving experience!

Green Partnerships

Squeeze Me is a green leader pur sang!

So we pay attention to all the steps in eating and enjoying foods without hurting our earth. That is why we only collaborate with other green companies that are working towards a pollution free  world. For example, all of our utensils and packaging comes from Ecoware Lanka; the first eco-friendly packaging company in Sri Lanka that is leading the way to a ‘Plastic-free Sri Lanka’! But also all our food is purchased from local fair trade farmers and that’s something you can taste!

Interested in purchasing some plastics free products and becoming a green warrior yourself?

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