About Us

Squeeze Me starts its journey in 2018, right here in magical Arugam Bay (no other better place to do that, right??). We began very small, in our little custom-made cara- van. Serving fresh, delicious foods out of the caravan was a huge success and it eventually became part of our identity. As we grew bigger our adventure led us to meeting amazing, fantastic, knowledgeable, people with beautiful souls who became a vital and loving part of the Squeeze Me family.

Our success in Arugam Bay took us to the south coast shores of Mirissa and we have grown very fast since then, allowing us to spread the Squeeze Me joy further across Sri Lanka.

Our hospitable success is not measured in terms of how much profit we make. Rather, we see success in our commitment to sharing pure healthy food, smoothie bowls and tasty juices. Most importantly, we see success in the heaps of joy Squeeze Me has given to the many guests that visited us since 2018. We are a place for everyone to meet and chill – even if it is just for a few mins, a couple of hours or perhaps the whole freaking day!! You will find nothing less than the pure Sri Lankan hospitality here at Squeeze-Me and we hope you will enjoy your visit. And feel free to come back again at any time.

“Head over to Squeeze Me for some chilled time”

With Love,Team Squeeze-Me

How to become green

Perhaps you have been thinking about how to start eating a more plant-based diet yourself. We can imagine that you heard many different stories about “Vegan” or “Organic” or any of these trendy words that people seem to use interchangeably. Sure, you heard it’s very healthy, but what exactly is it? What are the benefits for you? Why is it better for the planet? And most importantly, how do you start?
Squeeze Me offers consultations with specialised nutritionists that can help you start your journey into eating more healthily. But our expertise doesn’t end there; We also offer business advice on how you can become a more environmentally friendly place of business.

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