A Healthier You – And a Healthier Planet

A plastic here and a plastic there… no, it’s not a nursery rhyme. Sadly, it’s the reality we see on our planet today. We live on it and proudly call it home, but our plastic is choking it alive ☹

But there’s good news: We CAN change it. If each of us did our part, we can turn things around and preserve this big beautiful blue planet!

That’s what we had in mind when we started Squeeze Me back in 2018. We hopped into our small, custom-made caravan and grabbed the reins to change the world (: aka Arugambay :).

Even in our little caravan, we were as equally passionate, ambitious, excited, and happy as we are today. We channeled all that love into preparing fresh, delicious food that brought everyone joy.

What we didn’t expect was to meet equally or even more passionate, ambitious, and excited people. They helped us grow bigger and better. They loved our food and loved us too. They gave us hope that we weren’t in this alone.

Eventually we moved into a better location and opened a new one in Mirissa too. We are officially a franchise now and we can’t wait to meet people from all parts of the world! (: not just Arugambay this time 🙂

Since day one, everyone at Squeeze Me believes in everything planet friendly. We carefully source our produce from local organic farmers. They are incredibly fresh, vegan, and truly aromatic.

Then we experiment with these earthly ingredients to serve you fresh, vegan, and scrumptious recipes – first to your eyes and then to your impatient taste buds!

Since 2018, Squeeze Me has grown. It is no longer about doing our part alone. Now it’s about doing your part and our part combined. Together we discover fun and exciting ways to become healthier for ourselves and the planet.

So, hurry! Come along with glee!

And squeeze the joy out of Squeeze Me!

And oh, did we mention that even the furniture in our café is from recycled wood and that we serve nothing on single-use plastic? From pineapples to watermelons, most of our platters are an extended version of the meal itself.

What’s more, we even have special brekkie days for you. You can drop by and fix your own breakfast with your own list of favorite veggies.

COVID’s keeping you inside? No problem, we deliver too.

So, hurry! Call us with glee!

And squeeze the best out of Squeeze Me!

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