Top 5 Things to Try in Arugam Bay

The A in Arugam Bay stands for ‘Amazing.’ It is the best place on earth. Are we being biased? We’d like to pretend we didn’t hear your question 😋

All that matters right now is that you’re here and probably wondering what the hype around Arugam Bay is all about. We can barely hold back our excitement of telling you why – so that you could decide for yourself it isn’t the best place on earth 😉

Narrowing down the top things to do in Arugam Bay to five wasn’t easy – there are just so many wonderful things we could think of! But here we are. So let’s get started!


  1. Surf like nobody’s watching

Because nobody really does. Newbie? Mediocre? Expert? Arugam Bay is for everyone! All you need is a passion for surfing, and a surfboard. Leave the rest to the waves!

Want to get better at surfing? Trust us, we’ve all been there. The waves are just too tempting to say no to. The trainers by the shore know it too. They can help anyone pick up the skill in no time.


  1. Climb an elephant . . .

Correction; The Elephant Rock. There, we just made all the grammar nazis happy 😁 If you’re in the mood for an adventure, and the best view over Arugam Bay, then the Elephant Rock is the answer to your prayers!

Don’t forget to check in with the elephants though. You surely won’t need a wild companion on your climb 👀 the rock is theirs after all!


  1. Lagoon Safari

Missing out on the lagoon safari at Arugam Bay is like missing out on your best friend’s wedding – It simply shouldn’t happen!

The lagoon is a breathtaking nature’s haven. And for only a 2-hour safari, you’ll get to enjoy the best of Arugam Bay’s wildlife, including elephants and crocodiles.


  1. Plant vs Zombies

If you’re a Zen person, then the Kudumbigala Monastery in Arugam Bay is the place for you. It’s perched on top of a rock, in the middle of a jungle, with many trails and caves to explore.

But to the zombies among you, Arugam Bay has an all-night beach party and the music there just won’t stop and you can literally dance till you drop!


  1. Food. Food.

Sri Lanka is known for its hospitality. If there’s one place you could be sure of finding it, it’s Arugam Bay. From Cili to Blue Ocean and Flo, for Sri Lankan dishes, fresh seafood, and wood oven pizzas, there are a number of incredible places to satisfy the foodie in you.

But for vegan food and smoothie bowls, in authentic Sri Lankan style, don’t forget to drop by Squeeze Me! For those of you who were here in 2018, you’d remember the caravan-styled vegan food truck by the bay. It became so popular and well-loved that it had to be grown into a full-sized café now. With it we’ve also expanded our treats and delights for all planet and animal-lovers!

Come, do visit Arugam Bay! And find out for yourself it isn’t the best place on earth 😉

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